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Current Volunteer Opportunities

We are always on the look-out for volunteers - if you are passionate about young people, have some time, and have a skill you can bring - please contact us

General Stuff to get involved in

We need volunteer office support to help make hoodies  / t-shirts and update our website too!


We need people who are handy with woodwork or bike repairs across any of our Shedz!

We need people who know a bit about Virtual reality and Gaming for regular evenings with some of our young people. We have a project called County Lines for Good which might just be your thing to get involved with!

We need people who are able to help young people in Denbigh with independent living skills - cooking, electrics, woodwork, upcycling.

Sports and Actitivies

We are committed to offering sporting opportunities, and have found that our young people love fishing and golf, as well as Football and Boxing / Boxercise. If you can coach or mentor in any of these activities, please contact us! 

We need people in Llysfaen on Mondays 6 - 8pm who can do food prep, craft, outdoor sports  - or play pool and chat with young people. 

We need people in Llandudno Junction on Tuesdays between 4 - 5:30 ( winter schedule) to help do outdoor team games on the footy pitch.

We are looking for golf buddies and fishing buddies to help coach youngsters ( we can pay for you to get a qualification in fishing too!). 

Just - get in touch

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