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Sharing the Vision!

We truly believe that Youth Shedz is something special, with the ethos it has and the growth in young people we see.


We want to share that with you. 


So, guided by the 11 principles of Youth Shedz , we have put together our package to share with organisation that want their own Youth Shed - all we ask is that you keep to the principles and values as set down by the original Shedderz , keeping true to the ethos of being a space led  by Young People, For Young People . 

This includes taking you through the steps for setting up a Shed, and will allow you to access our relevant policies and procedures.

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We are happy to provide a franchise pack that includes  resources, support and guidance if you want to set up your own Youth Shed. As part of this package we would bring along a couple of Shed Planters - young people that have experience of setting up Shedz and in a truly peer led approach allow them time and space to work with your young people to establish a Youth Shed. 

Interested? get in touch and lets start that journey together!

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