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Code of Conduct 

We have a Code of Conduct that we expect every Youth Shedder, and people working with the Shedz, to respect. They should be followed by every person in the Youth Shed at any time.


  1. Youth Shedz has a set of Youth Shedz Principles – these must be respected by everyone; the principles are something created by young people for young people, which represents what Youth Shedz stands for:


  • We beg, we borrow but we do not steal

  • Everybody matters, everybody is valued

  • There has to be give and take – it is not a one-way street

  • We live for the moment but we plan for tomorrow

  • We accept and we are accepted

  • We create a safe and secure space where people can turn to

  • We leave a legacy for other young people to be a part of

  • We serve our community not just ourselves

  • We might not have the skills, but we will learn the skills we need

  • We eat together, we BE together

  • We enjoy the journey together – the highs and the lows


2. Abuse, violence, bullying , anti-social behaviour and other harmful behaviour is not allowed.


3. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed in the Shed and any person entering the Shed showing signs of having taken alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave immediately.


4. Members of the Shed will respect the confidentiality of all individuals, whether present or not – what is said in the Shed, stays in the Shed (this only changes if we think someone could be in danger in any way).

5. Youth Shedz is for everyone no matter differences of nationality, disability, age, race, gender or religion.


6. Members will treat everyone with respect and fairly, regardless of differences of opinions or views – we treat others how we want to be treated.


7. Sheds work best when members work as a team. Every member should take responsibility for helping and supporting each other.


8. Everyone is responsible for following health and safety rules that are put in place as they are there to keep us safe.

9. If conflict happens, we will help you to reach a resolution that will be to everyone’s benefit . Don’t avoid us or the situation – we are here to help you.


10. No member of the Youth Shedz Staff or team shall use their position of power for personal gain or wrongful treatment of others. We respect each other, always.

Being part of Youth Shedz means respecting the principles and the Code of Conduct when you enrol as a Shedder.


Any person breaching the Code of Conduct or ignoring the principles will be asked to leave the Shed and the Trustees will decide as to whether the person will be permitted to return to the Shed. This can include visitors – we expect positive role models of all ages!


Thanks for reading!

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