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How we will fulfil the vision:

The Youth Shed vision is that there will be a Youth Shed in every town. That is quite a task!

Over the last year, we have developed a Toolkit to enable us to grow the vision with other like-minded and committed partners and communities. 

The main building blocks for developing a Shed are   


1) Finding a Partner in the community. Llysfaen Community Recreational Association helped us put the Toolkit together and have been running since 2021! We are also partnering with Colleges in South Wales and exploring partners for Buckley and Rhos / Colwyn Bay. The partner organisation needs to be constituted and have a bank account - basically so your Shed has the backing of a local group to help support your Champion,,,

2) Finding your Champion - we need someone who will be the person that is passionate and committed to planting the Shed. But we need that person to be covered by the partner organisation so they are safe and accountable. Experience with young people, or a qualification in youth work or teaching assistant can be really helpful.

3) Last but not least - ​Involving your young people from the start!!! This can be a casual pizza night with one or two young people. You are not setting up a youth club - we aim to work with small numbers effectively, so talk to your community to see who you really should be working with.

If you are reading this, you probably have a group of young people in mind who you want to work with - so contact us and let's make it happen!



Making a Difference

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