How we will fulfil the vision:

The Youth Shed vision is that there will be a Youth Shed in every town. That is quite a task!

So, we need a plan to make that happen - and this is it!

Youth Shedz has been established as a charity - the charity has commissioned 4:28 Training to develop and deliver the model.

  • Each new shed will be planted and developed in partnership with a principle partner - existing partners include: Grwp Cynefin in Denbigh, Itaca in Abergele, Creatasmile in Towyn, CREST/Communities for Work in Colwyn Bay. 

  • Youth Shedz Cymru will work with that partner to establish their shed.

  • Youth Shedz Cymru will work with the partner to establish the new shed in line with the 11 Principles of the original Youth Shedz pioneers.

  • Youth Shedz Cymru will provide a training package and resource pack for each new shed

  • Youth Shedz Cymru will act as an umbrella organisation for all Youth Shedz to be a part of.

  • Youth Shedz Cymru will work behind the scenes to develop the Youth Shedz Community in the physical 'shedz' and on a digital platform.

  •  Youth Shedz Cymru will audit each shed on a regular basis to ensure the founding principles are being adhered to - a failure to do this may result in a shed losing it's membership of the Youth Shedz Community



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