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We only went and WON IT!!!!

Sorry it's been a bit quiet on here - but we have been just a tad busy recently!

The excting news is that Youth Shedz WON the UK Housing Awards category for Best Homeless Prevention project in the United Kingdom! How mad is that? This meant that we were invited to the very posh Grosvenor Hotel, on Park Lane in London for a very glitzy blacktop event. Thanks to Grwp Cynefin who was our partner starting all of this - their investment and belief in what we are doing really paid off.

THANK YOU Grwp Cynefin!!!

We found out that we had been nominated and shortlisted about 3 months ago so it has been quite a nerve racking wait!

The awards ceremony is held at the Grosvenor Hotel on Park Lane one of London's swankiest streets so we all had to scrub up!

I think you will agree we all scrubbed up pretty well!!!!

Well done to all involved and of course thanks again to Grwp Cynefin and the Steve Morgan Foundation who without their support we couldn't do ANY of this!



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