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As a response to Covid, we started a zoom group called "Creative Space" led by Karen ,an amazing volunteer,  which evolved into a really enjoyable time for developing fictional characters, haiku poems, and generally having some fun around words and expression. Thanks to Clogaenog Funding through CVSC, we have worked with a local writer, Diane Woodrow, to help take this project further.


Many of our young people have coped through a variety of personal experiences - these include isolation, grief, involvement in county lines, transgender and identity issues. Through the medium of creative expression (writing, poetry, art, photographic, music, film  - you name it!!) , we are encouraging our young people to tell their stories, and weave them collectively to create something to share with other young people. 

The overall theme is  "We’re pushed to an ultimate goal, but what about our stories?"

The project was showcased in Denbigh HWB in March 2022, and has gone out to other groups over Summer. We are working on getting our work collated and designing a pop up gallery , contact  for more info. 



To find out about Diane Woodrow and blogging, information about writing groups and much more, check out

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