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The History - 4:28 training and the birth of Youth Shedz 

Following what feels like a lifetime of addiction, homelessness and the odd spell in prison, I finally managed to break free in 2008. Upon leaving rehab I found myself stranded in a limbo land, feeling not accepted by 'normal' society and not wanting to return to my old life, I was not in a good place.


My old identity of addict and alcoholic was dead, I was searching for my new identity and a place in society. Along came education and I embarked on a journey that was to see me graduate as a teacher in 2015.


Through education, I was able to find freedom, not just from addiction but also freedom from the labels that I had carried for all those years.


Education was to play a major part in restoring my identity, my confidence and my self belief. And it is with this in my heart that I started 4:28 training to give something back. This led to an opportunity to work with some young lads in Denbigh and this led to the birth of Youth Shedz.


The vision? To  provide quality, potentially life changing training and experiences to those walking a similar path. '4:28 training' will walk with those exploring their new lives and through a combination of intervention and training, plus food and chat, help them discover their dreams and aspirations and equip them to overcome their barriers and ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and let them tell a new story. 

Scott Jenkinson - Founder of Youth Shedz, recovered heroin addict and alcoholic, husband, father, mentor and fondly known as "ShedBoss"

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