The Youth Shedz Core Team

Following what feels like a lifetime of addiction, homelessness and the odd spell in prison, I finally managed to break free in 2008. Upon leaving rehab I found myself stranded in a limbo land, feeling not accepted by 'normal' society and not wanting to return to my old life, I was not in a good place.


My old identity of addict and alcoholic was dead, I was searching for my new identity and a place in society. Along came education and I embarked on a journey that was to see me graduate as a teacher in 2015.


Through education, I was able to find freedom, not just from addiction but also freedom from the labels that I had carried for all those years.


Education was to play a major part in restoring my identity, my confidence and my self belief. And it is with this in my heart that I started 4:28 training. Youth Shedz was founded whilst delivering Essential Employability Skills to a group of young people in Denbigh. 4:28 Training is now commissioned to deliver and develop Youth Shedz. The vision? A Youth Shed in every town!

Scott Jenkinson, Founder and Shed Planter

Angela Lloyd
Blaenau Coordinator 

Hi, I am Angela, I started volunteering with Youth Shedz at the start of 2020. I met Scott a few times before and I liked what was being offered here in Blaenau. I started volunteering as I wanted to give something back to my community and to the young people who live here. I have grown up here in Blaenau and I feel it’s important that the young people have somewhere safe just like I had when I was younger. I now work part time in Blaenau Youth Shedz as a coordinator. I love what I do here, mainly because I get to see the young people growing in themselves, becoming confident, smiling, and most of all feeling safe in our space. I also work part time as a Youth Worker with Gwynedd Council, providing a safe place for our younger people in the community.

Sonia Nicholson,

Assistant Shed Coordinator 


Following losing my mother as a child and various other traumatic things during my childhood and teenage years, I was severely struggling with my mental health, I struggled with coping with everyday life and didn't feel like I was a part of the world around me- I would just stay inside away from other people. I didn't feel able to cope with a job/college or other responsibilities and everything always felt like it was too much and like I'd never be able to get better. 

I  joined Youth Shedz in 2019 on a whim after a different organisation suggested I join due to my career goal of opening my own charity. Youth shedz has allowed for me to slowly build my confidence in myself and my own ability to cope with everyday life. Starting as a participant Shedder I went on to become a volunteer and I now have a part time job with Youth Shedz as an assistant coordinator which I enjoy, have various hobbies I keep up with and other volunteer things I do as well, I no longer feel quite so overwhelmed all the time and I know I have a good support system in place that will help if I need it, my future seems a lot brighter since joining youth shedz and I can't wait to see what happens next!

John Roberts, Youth Shedz Volunteer.


Hi I'm John Roberts I am a volunteer at Youth Shedz. I became a volunteer in 2020. I met Scott a couple of years before I became a volunteer I had been homeless and in addiction previously and had also spent some time in prison.


The reason I wanted to become a volunteer with Youth Shedz was because of the lived experience I have had from being in care. Struggling with mental health when I was young; I wanted to give something back to society, and Youth Shedz has given me that opportunity, and with being given that opportunity I'm learning new skills and also learning more about myself.

Sian Jenkinson, Volunteer Coordinator

Hi - I am Sian, married to Scott, and I work behind the scenes of YouthShedz. My main job is to do the boring stuff like paperwork, but also I get the great  job of helping find volunteers to support Scott and YouthShedz in all sorts of ways.  My background is I worked as a dietitian for over 20 years in various guises, plus more recently, I coordinated a Community Cafe run by local volunteers, which lends itself as great experience for my role now - so in a nutshell, I love nourishing healthy body and minds and helping people grow!